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About Us

Neexstar  is a Proof Of Work coin with the same algorithm as Litecoin (SCRYPT),peer-to-peer Internet currency,open source, and fully decentralized.Development techniques and support systems that will guide and direct you on your business journey in the crypto world needed to make management.

We know that there are many platforms that are engaged in this field, but there are still not many like us, this encourages us to compete in creating things that are different. Neexstar provides solutions for them and anyone for this. With the system we built, the Growing Ecosystem Global. This will help reach resources and provide continuity in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The system that we implement is from the results of developments that we see and we get from various such as media, technology and industrial developments.this is what prompted us to create Neexstar . we believe that the longer the development in various fields will increase.Lets us do this difference together.

Ecosystem Resource

Our strategy is very simple,efficient and productive. We look for and choose where there is no continuity by utilizing a variety of facilities and infrastructure that are currently developing such as social media, community-based promotion, technology, and much more.

Neexstar Loyalty Program ( N L P )

This is our program for the long-term, you will have the option to lock in a number of NEEX coins. the period specified (minimum 4 months), and dividends according to the % you get.

Loyalty programs or membership loyalty programs are promotional programs created by companies to create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with users. This program has been developed because it has a number of benefits for business.
Some customer loyalty programs such as membership systems that provide certain parts or privileges for consumers who have become members, the point of the system increases every time the transaction and the like. Membership can be developed such as by classifying members ( Gold,Silver and Bronze ).
The loyalty program doesn’t just stop as limited as coins and promos. There are bigger things that can be tried and developed with capital of creativity, a marketing strategy that can be applied can be effective.

Social Ecosystem Program

Following are some of the strategies that we apply to programs :

  • Running community-based promotions.
    Many community-based promotions are chosen as a promotional strategy that is
    quite effective. Community-based promotion allows products to be received  
    directly on people who already have an interest or need.
  • Create relevant articles.
    The article you are posting will be indexed in the search engine and allow 
    people to enter your site. In addition to bringing in visitors, these articles also 
    become a means of educating the market. This method is fairly easy, but has a
    fairly high effectiveness.
  • Contact with the media.
    The role of media in a business is also very necessary. This is part of marketing
    itself. If you have something that is valuable, unique, or provides a concrete
    solution, the media will also be happy to raise your story. There’s nothing
    wrong with trying to contact some media, giving information about what you
    have to them.

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